About Us

Comfortable and beautiful

The product design is novel, the landscape effect is good, the high-end atmosphere is beautiful, and the perfect integration with the natural

environment Structural stability

6061-T6 high strength aluminum alloy main material, surface anodized, 100% real material, durable

Customized service

Designed and produced by the manufacturer, all span colors can be designed and constructed to meet your various occasions

Perfect after sale

Perfect service, provide careful, attentive, warm-hearted and caring after-sales service, so that customers have no worries

Safety and comfort

Belle Star attaches great importance to the safety and comfort of the products. It provides various solutions for the rain proof, heat preservation and ventilation performance of the tent Hotel, and puts forward solutions for the specific situation of the camp. Let the guests have a good time.

Construction of professional scenic spot camp

Belle Star has eight years of professional experience in camp design, development and construction of scenic spots, with more than 60 middle and senior technical personnel, such as landscape designer, constructor, etc. Is a professional domestic Huahai camp, star tent, hotel tent, RV camp design and construction company.

Realize the value premium of scenic spots

To provide customers with cost-effective, comfortable and convenient hotel tent products, to provide tourists with a new experience of zero contact with nature, and to help the owners of scenic spots realize the value-added of resources.

Provide supporting solutions for tent camp

Provide a professional pre planning of outdoor camp in the scenic spot, from site selection to scenic spot operation, analysis of local folk characteristics, to feasibility study of the camp in the scenic spot, and provide a complete set of solutions. With the harmonious development of human and nature, The Belle Star Tent creates a unique natural space. Help customers to improve cultural tourism resources, attract tourists’ flow and create more value for customers.

Professional team members
Large scale production base
Customer praise
Construction of landscape camp
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