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Provide outdoor camp solution, design and construction of starry hotel and Transparent Dome Tent,PC Dome

glass dome tent

create a comfortable hotel.
glass dome tent

transparent glass spherical tent, wild luxury round glass house star tent,wst602

glass spherical tent adapts to a wide range of environment, and can better match the landscape camp in mountain forest, grassland and snow. The common specification is between 5-8m diameter. Equipped with independent bathroom facilities, it is more convenient to use. It can be directly placed on the hardened ground or used with a wooden platform. Double layer insulating glass has good heat preservation effect, simple interior decoration and comfortable furniture arrangement.

project design quoted price

Focus on the construction of outdoor Tent & Container Hotel camp, provide more than 30 hotels to choose.


10+ Theme campings

And the transformation of railway box hotel restaurant!

360° Dome Tent

Starry tent, scenic spot tent camp construction, one-to-one supporting!

Quality tent

Outdoor Tent rental, provide fabric, furniture, air conditioning and other supporting services!

Container camp

Full set of design and construction of container theme camp.

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