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Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

There are many attractions in Chengdu City, we would like to just assist you explore this city as you like.

As a local born & live in this city from childhood, I have a lot of stories can share with you and a lot of information may you interested.

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Normal tourism sites you may already heard of:

Wuhou Shrine, Jinli ancient street, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Taikoo LiChunxi RoadGlobal CenterKuanzhai Alley,The Jinsha Site Museum , Chengdu Museum, Sichuan  Museum, People’s Park, Panda Base,Tianfu Square

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Other interesting places you may not heard of:

Shaoling Road Bar Street, Lan Gui Fang Bar Street, Wenshu District,The Royal Tomb of Wang Jian , Shufengyayun Sichuan Opera Theater, Chengdu Polar Ocean Park, Chengdu Zoo, Birds world of Tazishan Park , Chengdu Happy Valley Amusement Park, Flora Manor, Botanical Garden, Zhaojue Temple, Qingyang Taoism Temple, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Chengdu Art Museum, Wang Jiang Lou, Jinjiang Night cruise, Chengdu Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Song Xian Qiao Antique and Art Market, Sichuan Cuisine Museum,Wangcong Temple, Fuqin evening food market, XLY MoMA(First Art design Museum in China), Tibet street, Donghuamen Site Park

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Gourmet’s heaven

Chengdu is Considered to to the No.1 Gourmet’s heaven by many Chinese. There are plenty of all kinds cuisine styles or or leisure drinks. Maybe you can not find so many food & beverage sites in any other places like in Chengdu. Just name a few:

Hot pot, Chuanchuan, Sichuan Barbecue, stove-boiled tea, snack food

There are some special venues you may interested,

for example:

You can immerse yourself in the Royal court of the Han Dynasty, enjoy food while appreciate amazing ancient dances.

Try hotpot with all unexpected ingredients.

Or take traditional Sichuan Cuisine in an old traditional garden

Or just some selected street side little restaurants popular among local people

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Rich experiences:

Sichuan Opera

Gaiwan Tea

Hanfu(Various Ancient China Costumes) Dress up & photography

Traditional Music concert

Intangible heritage handcraft:

Puppet show, Paper Cuttings, ceramic art, textile, leather art, printing and dyeing, movable type printing, carpentry, shadow play, embroidery, ancient lantern, cloth art, facial makeup, extension and dyeing

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

In this package you can choose any site in Chengdu city to visit.

You can choose only one, or many.

You don’t need to choose tourism site.

If you arrive here only want to wander in any street or lane, it is alright. We have many stories everywhere of this city.

We will figure out your taste, and give you some references or advice.

You can ask us any question, we will try best to satisfy you curiosity.

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Even though, we still can give you some suggesting itineraries if you have no idea. For example,


Day1: Qingyang Temple+Du Fu Thatched Cottage+ Wuhou Shrine

Day2: Taikoo Li+Kuanzhai Alley+People’s Park+Shufengyayun Sichaun Opera theater


Day1: Donghuamen Site Park+Chengdu Museum+Kuanzhai Alley+People’s Park+Shufengyayun Sichaun Opera theater

Day2: Jinsha Museum +The Royal Tomb of Wang Jian+Sichuan Museum

Pop Theme:

Day1: Panda Base+Flora Manor+ Jinsha site Museum

Day2: Taikoo Li+Tianfu Square+Kuanzhai Alley+Shufengyayun Sichaun Opera theater

Nature & Culture

Day1: Panda Base+Botanical Garden

Day2: Chengdu Art Museum+Taikoo Li(Da Ci Temple)

For 2 days in Chengdu, you can choose anywhere to visit, you can change you idea while in tour, now this package is on sale, not limited only on the above suggesting itineraries, you are totally free!

2 days tour package  special offer:

Included: Sissi’s guide & introduction, public transportation
Excluded: Meal, private car or driver, tickets
Payment: You can pay to Sissi directly when you meet her personally
Note:we recommend you experience public transportation like metro,bus or taxi, for in this case, transportation fee is included, if you need  private car, please kindly note that we should give you new offer. More than 3 people would have difficulty for taxi together, so please note this offer valid for maximum 3 persons. For more than 3, let’s discuss what is better for your arrangement.

If your plan is not 1 day, 2days, or 3 days, you want to explore this city as possible as you can, please talk with us, we can accompany with you until you finally satisfied.

For more information or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

Chengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/GroupChengdu City 2 Days Tour Special Offer 250$/Group

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