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I Have A Dream

Hi, My name is Sissi, Chinese name is Du Li, founder of Pandawego. Firstly thank you for your visiting of our website and concerning about our story.

In 2006, I was 22 years old, just got my bachelor degree of economics from university, I joined in a Germany company, working as a consultant for SINO-EURO communication activities between governments and companies. That experience totally changed my life.

Soon I wanted to learn more about the world, I worked for a travel agency to deal with all their foreign affairs of destination Maldives, which has its name of high service quality for people all around the world.

After Maldives, I gradually stretch to other destinations, like Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, UAE, Sri lanka, India, Bhutan, Kenya, Türkiye, Bahamas, Peru, USA, Canada,French Polynesia, Fiji, palau, New Zealand, Australia , Japan and ASEAN countries. Plus my first studying destination Europe and the following Maldives, for the past 18 years, I carefully learned many countries around the world, traveled there, directly communicated with people living there, so that get my basic world image.

Compare with many other countries, considering its rich nature beauty, civilization heritage and business opportunities, China has relatively too small number of foreign people travel here, and there are some misunderstandings outside the country too. As my observation, misunderstanding is bidirectional . The less direct contacts we have, the less compassion we can give to each other, more misunderstandings and conflicts may arise, especially if we don’t have enough common people understand each other, we can hardly share happiness and pain, thus provide support and cooperate for essential affairs for future.

That’s the drive for me to run Pandawego. I grew up in western outskirt rural area of Chengdu city. Where the early ancient Shu Kingdoms were built, Taoism was fostered, Tea horse trade has prospered for 1500 years, literati and artists would like to visit and settle, where left side is magnificent eastern edge mountains of Tibetan plateau, right side is the international metropolis. I love this land, as well as other places of the planet.

Martin Luther King once made a famous speech: I have a dream.

For me, after long years working in field of international communication, I realize that I have a dream too.

I have a dream, that people around the world can come & go to places more freely, share their beauty of life sincerely.

I have a dream, that when people meet differences, instead of judging first, we would try to trace the source, understand, appreciate, and support each other.

I have a dream, that when people face conflicts, instead of taking all advantages for self, we would consider mutual benefits, even more, try to help the weak ones, and improve together hand in hand. We keep in mind that everyone may have low point and need help.

I have a dream, that no matter how hard the situation would be, we still can hold hope and humanity, which we inherited from our ancestors and our planet, and we are also in determination to pass them down better and better.

Guided by this dream, I would not be satisfied by only assisting you visit your favorite attractions smoothly, I would try to read our environment like nature and society and interpret for you if you like, and we can take a deep talk for exchanging ideas and feelings. I would recommend places to you that you really eager to see, and activities you really eager to experience. So that you would not only take our surface beauty back, but also take wisdom and friendship originated from land and people here.

Thank you!

I’m looking forward to service you and communicate with you!

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I have a dream

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