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Bellow are selected comments we collected through our years of serving people for your reference.


Hi, sissi, I really appreciate your work. Talking with you like open a new window of world. It’s really changed myself. Keep doing’s meaningful.I will contact you next time come. Wish you happy always.

Amazing! I never have expected I can get experience like this….Sissi you are special, yet easy to get along with. Always smile, humorous, amiable, rich in knowledge. Great trip with you. Thank you.

We have some problem with Visa.This is non business with you, but you still do your best to help us. You’re smart, cool minded, good at solve problems.Thank you Sissi.

Thank you, Sissi. It’s a very happy and meaningful time to be with you.I really like you telling us about the plants. You have rich knowledge about them. I’ve learned a lot from you.

Patient, passionate for work..always bring joys to us. .I can’t wait to expect our next trip with you.

Excellent english, strong ability for empathy and cross culture awareness. Very nice to talk with you.

I thought you good at history and culture, it turns out you have a lot information and views about business too! Excellent!

Sissi, you have really deep thought! As today many advocated views, all thoughts and knowledge connected together in your mind. I’m impressive your understand about Tao Te Ching.

Our kids like you, you have good ability to understand them and get along with them. What a happy time with you, unforgettable.

I am a little worried that you may talk a lot along our way before come, but you just talked as we like. Trip with you is enjoyment. See you next time.

What is special for us servicce?
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the world and China allow us give you deep and extensive interpretation about what you see and hear & experience in Sichuan
  • Local people with accumulated info for generations & decades of own life
  • Updated with the newest info about important exhibitions & activities that you can’t miss
  • Real love for land & people here & Friends around the world

Past is a record and encouragement, we will continue to improve ourselves to serve people better and better.

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback too.

Thank you for concerning pandawego, thank you for your interest to Chengdu, Sichuan, China! We wish you happy everyday!


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