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How can plants heal us?

No need to explain, the spirit of modern people really needs recuperation. Some people listen to music, some read books, some meditate, some keep pets, and some walk into nature. Regardless of the form used, we are actually trying to enter another kind of life or another individual life, using their experiences to inspire and comfort our current lives.

People can feel that entering woods or a forest can make their mood happier.

Medical research elucidates the scientific principle behind it: after spending a day in the forest, the body’s natural killer cells can increase by an average of 40% and can last for 7 days. Natural killer cells are an important member of the immune system, capable of identifying and eliminating viruses and cancer cells, controlling weight and blood pressure, reducing the production of stress hormones, and reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.

How can plants heal us?
From a conscious perspective, plants are indeed excellent healing forms of life.

Plants are silent, giving, but not lacking in their own brilliance. Except for the rustling sound of the wind, plants don’t speak. They can listen to you, but they won’t disturb you; Plants provide you with the energy of life: beneficial air, food, beautiful body, but do not ask for anything in return, unless you imprison them in your enclosed space and cannot stand on their own; As long as there is sunlight, air, water, and soil, plants seem to be more resilient than any life. They never miss any opportunity to grow, and they strive to bloom, bear fruit, and live their own lives. When you understand these, you can understand why you feel warm and awe when you see plants.How can plants heal us?

For most people, in order to work and live, they have to stay in cities or towns, maintaining a distance from nature and plants world.Therefore, it is difficult for us to familiarize and understand plants, and it is also difficult to understand how to obtain the energy of plants in limited natural space, making our mental health and life happier. For example, many people mock themselves as “plant killers”. Plants are difficult to kill, and most of the reason they die is not because they are not strong enough, but because of your lack of understanding. It is the same reason that sometimes strong relationships like the closest parents, spouses, and children can also die.

The community I live in has parks in both front and back, and the greenery in the community is also very good. I did plant knowledge popularization for my neighbors and found that both adults and children lack awareness of the plants in front of their eyes every day. Many people have never observed plants, do not know their names, and do not know what these plants are doing for us or what we can do with them. If it’s just a matter of plants, it’s okay, after all, there are so many plants, and they don’t want to repay, let alone retaliate; But the hidden crisis is that this is a kind of thinking: do you lack sufficient insight into the things around you? Do you lack understanding of the interconnectedness of the world? Can you see invisible expressions in your environment and make reasonable responses?How can plants heal us?

Nature, like our bodies, not only has a delicate logical system, but also imaginative flexibility. Sunshine, air, water, and soil support a diverse range of plant communities, plant communities provide shelter and food for animals, animals assist plants for migration and evolution. However, fundamentally speaking, we are all individual atoms. How do we gather together separately, how can we feel each other, and how should we explore and make the future in such a completely different yet integrated relationship?

Although over the past tens of thousands of years, humans have gained inspiration from primitive nature and developed a highly civilized society, we now seem to be overly immersed in this artificial world, addicted to the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in this artificial world, and alienated from the more real and grand world. In this situation, we are in danger of becoming frogs at the bottom of the well. So, starting from exploration of the nature and plants around us, we can try to reconnect with a wider world and live more sufficiently.

This Article is written by Sissi, copyright reserved.

Sissi is familiar with plants in Chengdu area, southwest of China, she set up a system to use plants to develop people’s intuition, inspiration, and open mindset, as well as heal mentality of people with plant therapy, improve spiritual resilience. If you are interested, please contact by for communication and consultation.

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How can plants heal us?

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