bonsai park scene

The Bonsai Park introduction 08(the scene)

The Bonsai Park introduction people are learning how to make a plant vase.   after several years,the animals are leaves all around. Know more: Bonsai Park     2-Day Giant...
bonsai park

The Bonsai Park(introduction 07)

The Bonsai Park introduction this bonsai scean is big vase,it’s about 2.5 meters high. bonsai age:4+ bonsai style:plant vase this bonsai scean is big dragon,it’s about 3 meters high. bonsai...

The Bonsai Park(introduction 06)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.bonsai garden06 is elephant,it’s 2.5 meters high.very fit for zoo. bonsai age:4+ bonsai style:elephant animal. No.bonsai garden07 is vase,it’s 2 meters high.very fit for street landscape....

The Bonsai Park(introduction 05)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.bonsai garden05 is a kind of crape’s 3 meters a imperial’s very fit for garden door. bonsai age:3+ bonsai style:imperial crown No.bonsai garden03 is...

The Bonsai Park(introduction 04)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.28 bonsai is an old tree,it’s like a hill,like a’s 0.5 meters high. bonsai age:10+ bonsai style:history No.bonsai29 is a kind of pine tree,the trunk is...

The Bonsai Park(introduction 03)

The Bonsai Park introduction03 No.bonsai022 is a kind of  Podocarpus’s 1 meters high.the trunk is about 7 centimeters.the trunk grow up,then grow turn around, like a waterfall. bonsai age:7+ bonsai...
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