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Outdoor curtain

Outdoor sky curtain uses electric guide to open and close automatically. It is mainly used in high-grade hotels, restaurants and shops to increase business time.

Our company provides a complete set of outdoor sunshade solutions. The product combines the advantages of blinds, pavilions, sunshine rooms and retractable sunshades. It adopts an aluminum frame, and uses installable LED light belts, intelligent heaters, intelligent humidifiers, sealed vertical tents and movable folding glass curtains. The product is beautiful and generous, 100% masking, stability, durability, outdoor space expansion and intelligent comfort.Outdoor high-grade retractable curtain, movable shade

Skylight parameters

Sky screen size: 13.5 meters wide, 12 meters long, can be arbitrarily combined size
Sky curtain material: aluminium alloy
tent material: PVC, other materials can be selected
Electric sky curtain with activity, sunshade and rain protection, solves the problem of outdoor space utilization for many customers. The products are suitable for commercial places such as bar street, star hotels, restaurants, and family residential areas such as swimming pools, gardens and roofs.Outdoor high-grade retractable curtain, movable shade

the canopy quotation

the canopy products belong to customized products with high prices. According to the use of different materials, construction size is different, the price is in $400-$1000 range. Selection of high price ratio products and packages, please consult customer service, get sky products quotation.Outdoor high-grade retractable curtain, movable shade

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