Camping Tent to Join

Joining Advantage

  • Joining Advantage:Easily begin Tent Camp Tour in Scenic Areas.
  • Overall operation of tent camps:Complete quality control,From Hotel location,construction,daily operation.
  • Professional investment services:More than ten years of experience in landscape camping construction, 100,000 square meters of camp construction every year.
  • Fast Return on Franchise:Benefits Expect an average annual return of 30%, to revitalize your fixed assets.

Joining process

1.Early communication and cooperation agreement

Investors submit relevant project information, evaluate and audit the project, pass the audit, both sides reach their intention and sign the contract;

2.Tent Camp Construction

Conduct project design, decoration, procurement and other project preparation.

3.Operation Management of Tent Camps

Project managers are in place to carry out recruitment, training and other operational preparations; project acceptance and acceptance is qualified to start business.

Outdoor Geodesic Dome Tents

Camping Tent Project support

Location support

Managers come to guide the site selection of camping plots and provide preliminary opinions.

Planning support

Providing professional planning and design services to maximize the benefits of camps

Construction support

Arrange engineers with rich construction experience to provide guidance during the construction of tent camps.

Matching support

Provide a complete supplier system of campsite supporting products, covering outdoor camping supplies, landscape building materials, expansion experience projects and other complete campsite hardware support.

Advocacy support

Promoting tent camps and realizing camp linkage

Management support

Standardized campsite management system and operation process

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