Chinese Ethnic Qiang, the only ethnic group recorded by oracle bones, now is writing a new chapter

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Qiang People

With history of no less than 6000 years, Qiang people may be the oldest people of China and around word. In oracle bone inscriptions, there is one and only text about the name of a race (or clan, tribe), known as “Qiang”, which is the earliest record of Chinese human race names.

Qiang character in Chinese, resemble people wearing sheep horn headgear, representing the primitive nomadic tribes originating from northwest China with sheep as their totem.Nowadays Qiang people mainly live in mountainous areas in west direction out of Chengdu city, which is widely recognized as Panda’s hometown, capital of gourmet, economic center and hub city of western China. That means, very easy and very convenient to achieve and travel!

Having been dormant for too long period, Qiang people and their community now become dazzling pearl of culture and business. Not only more and more people come to visit Qiang communities, explore their mysterious castles, long-lasting customs, individual cultures…..etc. Specially, traditional Qiang embroidery has grown to be a fashion icon in international platforms, showed its beauty with HERMES, Kipling, ShuUemura, Starbucks……

Do you want to learn the story of Qiang people? How their life evolve from past to now?

Follow us, find your own answer.

Chinese Ethnic Qiang, the only ethnic group recorded by oracle bones, now is writing a new chapter

Itinerary Sample

Day 1  Arrive Chengdu  

PM: Arrive in Chengdu and meet your local guide at the arrivals gate

Transfer to hotel and check-in(Wren Culture Boutique Hotel or equivalent)

Tour in Kuanzhai Alley. The very combination of tradition and modern design of Wren Culture Boutique Hotel located right in Kuanzhai Alley. As residential area of upper class in Qing dynasty, the alleys represent architecture & culture taste of traditional Chengdu city.

Here you can feel the evening life of Chengdu people.

Day 2  Chengdu–Sanxingdui(50km,1.5h)– Ancient Qiang City(130km,3h)  

AM: Departure for Sanxingdui.

Covered a historical period from 5000BC to 3000BC, its imaginative unearthed bronze artifacts shocked the world. They are very different from those unearthed in other Chinese territory. Someone said they are from out space civilization, more would say the bronze masks and bronze portraits look like the Qiang people. What’s the story behind?

PM: Transfer to Ancient Qiang City for accommodation. Enjoy magnificent natural views along the way.

Day 3  Ancient Qiang City

Ancient Qiang City is an all around showcase for Qiang people. The original city is consist of the king’s castle and residential architectures. After been badly destroyed by earthquake 2008, people rebuild this city with modern facilities.

AM: Watch the open gate ceremony, sacrificial rituals, learn to blow Qiang flute and their ethnic dance.

PM: Visit a Qiang family, explore how Qiang people real life is. Visit a local Qiang embroidery studio,explore how Qiang embroidery woks out in local.

Day 4  Ancient Qiang City–Taoping Qiang Village(60km,1h)–Dujiangyan(90km,1h)

AM: Departure for Taoping Qiang Village, we will drive in the eastern edge mountains of Tibet plateau, enjoy rich and magnificent natural views until arrive the legendary Taoping Qiang Village.

PM: Explore the mysterious oriental castle. With more than 2000 years history, untouched by 3 severe earthquakes, it’s like a maze equipped with numerous passages and underground water network. This village layout briefs us its war-suffered past & wisdom of united power for survival.

Transfer to Dujiangyan for accommodation.

Day 6  Dujiangyan–Chengdu (70km, 1h)

AM: Visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation system, learn how can it consistently work for more than 2000 years, and the stories accompany with it. Explore how the project changed and changes the downstream plain.  

PM: Back to Chengdu, visit Panda base, say hello to these cuties in their hometown, learn the protection & nurture work of Chengdu people, how their endeavor remove this old near-extincted species out of dangerous edge. There are many interesting stories.

Evening visit to Tai Koo Li & Chunxi Rad, fashion center of the city, its unique spirit attracts both tourists and locals.

Day 7  Chengdu

AM: Visit a community studio for Qiang embroidery, learn this skill by hand. Learn how the first batch of Qiang embroiders pave their ways in this metropolis.

PM: Visit Wenshu Fang and its Intangible Cultural Heritage Handicraft Theme Block. Learn how governments, associations and commercial bodies work together to develop these human spiritual manifestations.

Enjoy a thrilling Sichuan opera performance followed by farewell dinner.

Day 8  Departure

AM: Easy check out of the hotel and take your flight back home


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