Two Persons’Travel, Experience the Romantic Tour of Hemisphere Tent Hotel


The two men’s romantic journey set up camp under the starry sky. Warm big bed, red wine, gourmet experience, science and technology WIFI, in the light of clouds and breezes, through the hot summer trip, in the most clean and pure natural scenery, integrated with nature. Enjoy the starry sky at your destination.Outdoor Geodesic Dome Tents

There are comfortable accommodation in the hemisphere tent, which can meet and chat with friends. The space of the hemisphere tent is large, covering 29 square meters. Furniture and coffee table can be placed easily, so life is convenient. hemisphere tent can be equipped with air conditioning. Cool summer brings the whole tent. Independent bathroom and washroom, life setting is complete, open and private life experience.

hemisphere Tent Hotel is easy to set, cho

ose a private scenic spot, a small ground, two people can build in half a day. Hemisphere Tent Hotel has a high cost-effective, original ecological experience, and children also like it. Travelers who like hiking can crazily punch in.

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