Bonsai Park 02

The Bonsai Park‘s artwork No.bonsai019 is Podocarpus macrophyllus .it’s 0.5 meters high. bonsai age:5+years bonsai meaning:elegance No.bonsai016 is a grate artwork ,like two people dancing on’s 0.5 meters high. bonsai...

Bonsai Park 01

The Bonsai Park‘s artwork: this bonsai is’s grow very slowly,so need more than 10 years to make this’s 2 meters high.look at this bonsai,you could feel the powerful,strong...
bonsai park

Wonderful bonsai park

the plants base around 24600 acres, one of the biggest landscape base in china. As The Belt and Road Initiative goes on, we start steady trains frequency to Europe and...
animal bonsai

Animal bonsai

Do you like bonsai? Have a look at these beautiful animal bonai.You can find  elephants,giraffes,even big dinosaurs. It’s funny to see animals,but not in the zoo.

I want a bonsai like that!

There are many delicacy bonsai in Wenjiang bonsai park! I’m glad to make one,Do you want to try!

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