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The Bonsai Park‘s artwork:

this bonsai is’s grow very slowly,so need more than 10 years to make this’s 2 meters high.look at this bonsai,you could feel the powerful,strong of the nature.bonsai


this bonsai is  podocarpus too,it’s about 1.5 meters’s like a dancing girl,elegance,slim and graceful.



this tiny bonsai is lovly,like a picture.


This  bonsai is a kind of’s winter,so there is no leaves on the tree.the branch is emanative.



this bonsai is  podocarpus.there is a big one and small one,every branch is like a umbrella.

bonsai age:10+years.

bonsai meaning:powerful,peaceful.



know more link: the wonderful bonsai park

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