The digital children’s virtual planetarium of ball screen cinema wants to build an planetarium quickly? The starry sky tent is matched with the hardware and software of the planetarium to experience the whole galaxy at home. You can watch the sun, the moon and simulate the motion of the stars at close range.
Tent of outdoor hexagonal wild luxury resort
Side of hexagonal tent Front of hexagonal tent
Four corner tent interior Room effect of four corner tent Hotel Field effect of four corner tent
Factory customized outdoor large-scale 10-30 meter spherical tent dome
Outdoor star tent effect Outdoor star tent parts list, ready for construction. Build the first circle of outdoor dome tent. The third circle of outdoor dome tent was built, 80% progress.
transparent dome tent
Catering transparent star tent Model: garden180 Starry tent configuration: white galvanized steel pipe, transparent PVC tarpaulin, screen window, door. Note: furniture and interior decoration (such as tables and chairs, color lights, etc.) are purchased by customers. Starry tent size (due to different size of tables and chairs, different soft decoration and different furniture. Suggest the...
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