Delicious Morel in Aba Plateau

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morel is a very precious wild fungus, one of the four major mushroom king, is not only a treasure on the banquet, but also a well-known food supplement. morel is the most famous delicious mushroom in ascomycetes.

Delicious Morel in Aba Plateau

1. morel nutrition

morel is a kind of precious species in Saddleback fungus family. morel has not only edible value but also medicinal value. The reason why morel is very precious is that it is rich in nutrients, including protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

Delicious Morel in Aba Plateau

2. Market situation of morel

So precious morel market fluctuation is mainly related to the quality, species, growth mode of morel. Generally. The price of fresh products is about $30 to $40, and the price of dry products is much higher, generally around $150. Wild morels are more expensive.

Delicious Morel in Aba Plateau

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