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Catering transparent star tent
Model: garden180
Starry tent configuration: white galvanized steel pipe, transparent PVC tarpaulin, screen window, door.
Note: furniture and interior decoration (such as tables and chairs, color lights, etc.) are purchased by customers.
Starry tent size (due to different size of tables and chairs, different soft decoration and different furniture. Suggest the customer draw a circle of the same size with a tape measure, and try to put it in the store first)
3.6 meters: about 10 square meters, 4 people can be placed in the middle table, $650;
5 meters: about 20 square meters, large table for 4-6 people, $800;
6m: about 28m2, large table for 6-8 people,$1100.

Dining starry room, outdoor dome tent Dining starry room, outdoor dome tent

Know about starry tents

1. Small size, large space, give you a good business experience.

2. Taste wine and chat in the starry sky tent, and never fear rain again.

3. The business is every night, are you ready to be amazed?

4.enjoy the beautiful, panoramic view of outdoor beauty.

More about starry tents

The waterproof transparent tarpaulin is used for careful splicing, comfortable and beautiful.
How to decoration
Optional with luxury seats, ceiling lights, fabric furniture,like star hotel.
Expandable function
The interior space is large, which can be separated flexibly.
starry tent
transparent tent, to be fashion.
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