embroidery dress
embroidery dress with many color and style. it’s Comfortable, breathable.good quality. Like this!Contact ours
panda toy
There are many cute panda panda doll,panda cup,panda widget. Many choice. Good quality. cute present. Like this!Contact ours   
panda present
There are lovely panda backpack,panda purse. Like this!Contact ours
Embroidery present
the embroidery scarf There are many kinds of embroidery presents,as embroidery scarf.It’s made by handing,the scarf is colorful,fashion,good quality,the best chinese culture present for your friends. Like this!Contact our the embroidery picture the embroidery picture about panda,mountain,fish,water lotus.and can be customized different plants/animals what you want.
bonsai park
the plants base around 24600 acres, one of the biggest landscape base in china. As The Belt and Road Initiative goes on, we start steady trains frequency to Europe and along road countries, for the plants export industry. government set special Inspection and Quarantine Center right here to ensure our plants can qualify your country’s...
animal bonsai
Do you like bonsai? Have a look at these beautiful animal bonai.You can find  elephants,giraffes,even big dinosaurs. It’s funny to see animals,but not in the zoo.
There are many delicacy bonsai in Wenjiang bonsai park! I’m glad to make one,Do you want to try!
The Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum, which is adjacent to the Huanhuaxi Park in the west of downtown Chengdu, is a treasure house of gorgeous silk weavings including screens, garments, handkerchiefs and pillow covers, and an array of ancient looms. Chengdu, reputed as the “Land of Abundance,” has a history of more than 2,000...
Sichuan embroidery (Shu embroidery) is a general name for the elaborate silk needlework produced in Chengdu and other areas in Sichuan. It has a long history and had already gained national fame in the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), when the Shu embroidery was listed as a tribute item to the royal family....
The Shu Brocade is endowed with rich cultural and artistic connotation with a high value of appreciation and collection. As one of the most important intangible cultural heritages in China. The Shu Brocade features luxuriant appearance, bright color, elegant pattern and propitious design imbued with rich folklore and regional characteristics. Since the Tang Dynasty (618...
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