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Container Hotel

If you want to build a container hotel in the garden, then this kind of container hotel with french window is the best choice. Perfect integration with the surrounding landscape, close contact between man and nature.

Factory customized steel structure scenic spot assembly container store

Container Hotel features:

Container Hotel flexibility, don’t need concrete foundation, as long as there is water, electricity, container hotel can be solved.
Waterproof for container hotels, seamless connection technology.
Container hotels are easy to set. As long as there is ground, the rest will be completed by the installation company.
Container hotels are highly deformability.

Factory customized steel structure scenic spot assembly container store

Container Hotel Parameters

Small size: 5.69 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters (20 feet cabinet)
Large: inner size 11.8 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters (40 feet cabinet)
External Material: Steel
Floor: Wood floor and tile floor are optional.

Factory customized steel structure scenic spot assembly container store

As a container hotel, we should consider not only the investment, but also the user experience. It can also be matched with high-end hotel interior decoration to make a successful hotel.
The cost of a container hotel depends on the number of camps and the level of decoration.

Factory customized steel structure scenic spot assembly container store

Tent,Container Hotel / Camping

  • Preliminary design planning /Plan your camp from the beginning
  • Tent camp network marketing your hotel / more site show
  • Planning and design /Easy to manage so easy

conceptual design

Factory shooting

Real materials

Construction case

the tent size

The size of tent and container hotel

container model 尺寸 空间布置
20′ Internal dimensions 5.69M*2.13M*2.18M compact, simple and small hotel
40′ External dimensions 11.8M*2.13M*2.18M Large, luxurious hotel,big room
Customized Any length, 3 * 6, 3 * 8, 3 * 9, etc  
Tent diameter Area covered layout
4M About 13 square meters Small space, generally excluding bathroom
5M About 20 square meters Compact small room, difficulty to put bathroom facilities
6M About 28 square meters Large space, sanitary facilities can be put (commonly used in Hotel)
7M About 38 square meters Large rooms
8M About 50 square meters Large luxury suite, divisible cloakroom, etc

?Why choose us

  1. the source manufacturers
  2. Provide camp planning consultation
  3. The designer suggestions, many years of camp landscape construction experience
  4. Professional service team, one-to-one service for design, production and after-sales customer service

Purchase process

Early communication

Definite plan

Production and processing

Logistics distribution

Welcome to the factory to visit the product model
Contact customer service

frequently asked question (FAQ)

Production quality

Customized processing of various landscape steel structure、production.

Delivery time

Depending on the quantity and complexity of the order.

Purchase instructions

Tents and container hotels are customized products. Many customers have different requirements for the location of doors and windows. Please confirm with customer service before placing an order.

Freight description

Because the freight of different types and numbers of tents varies greatly, the price of tents does not include freight and installation cost.
Generally, logistics transportation is adopted. The factory has common logistics partners, which are affordable.

How to build

The tent design is reasonable and the construction and dismantling are convenient. There are construction instructions, and technicians can also guide the construction.

Tent color

The tent color is optional, but the customers almost choose white.

How to see the model

You can contact customer service to see the sample.

I don't know how to plan the campsite. Can you provide this service?

Yes, Please contact the customer service.

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