container hotel

Elegant and artistic container hotel with French window
If you want to build a container hotel in the garden, then this kind of container hotel with french window is the best choice. Perfect integration with the surrounding landscape, close contact between man and nature.Container Hotel flexibility, don't need concrete foundation, as long as there is water, electricity, container hotel can be solved.
Mobile House, Container Hotels, Container Villas for camps
Container houses are durable and customizable, and the construction cycle of container houses is short, which is suitable for camp construction.1. Movable, reusable, easy to transport, especially suitable for changing places and camps frequently;
Fashionable and Beautiful Camp Container Hotel, Container Store
Container hotels have fashionable and personalized travel experience, creating a comfortable hotel for the your camps. Single container splicing is fast, and three container hotels can be spliced in one day. Container Hotel foundation is flexible, and it can be placed on grassland, cement floor and wood floor. Container hotel is easy to move and...