Situated in northeast Sichuan and in the midstream of Jialing River, confronting northern Sichuan, with Ba Mountain to the east and Jianmen to the west, LangzhongAncientCity has a history of over 2300 years. It is not only China’s famous historic and cultural city, excellent tourist city, a town of Spring Festival culture, but also one...
jianmen pass
Jianmenshudao tourism of Jianmen Pass scenic area is located in the northern part of Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province Jiange County, composed of Jianmen Pass, Cuiyun Gallery two adjacent national AAAA level scenic spots, the total planning area of 84 square kilometers, the core area of 6 square kilometers.Traffic is extremely convenient. Jianmenshudao Jianmen Pass tourism...
Overall Situations Neighboring Pengzhou City and Pixian County in the east, Wenjiang Prefecture and Chongzhou City in the south, and bordering Aba Prefecture Wenchuan County in the north and west, Dujiangyan presents “60% mountain, 10% water and 30% field” terrain with higher landform in northwest and lower landform in southeast. It has a total area of 1208square kilometer, and has jurisdiction over 13 towns, 5 sub-districts, 1 township and 1 provincial economic and technical development zone, 69 urban communities and 187 rural communities. The built-up area in the city is 35.3square kilometer. As of 2014, the resident population was about 716,300 and registered population of about 618,800. With rich tourism resources, Dujiangyan has the world-renowned World Cultural Heritage —Dujiangyan.Mount Qingcheng, which is an important part of World Natural Heritage. the habitat of giant panda in Sichuan Province. Dujiangyan has won honors, such as “The First China Habitat Demonstration Award”, “Dubai International Improved Living Environment Demonstration Award of UN”, “Outstanding Tourism City of China”, “National Key Scenic Area”, “National Historic and Cultural City”, “National Ecology Demonstration Zone”, “National Gardening City”, “The Most Charming Chinese City” and so on. Know more: Dujiangyan website link
jiuzhai valley
jiuzhai valley history The total population of Jiuzhai Valley National Park is just over 1,000, comprising of over 110 families.The nine Tibetan Villages of Jiuzhai Valley are He Ye, Jian Pan, Ya Na, Pan Ya, Guo Du, Ze Cha Wa, Hei Jiao, Shu Zheng and Re Xi. Although not officially discovered by the government until...
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