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Situated in northeast Sichuan and in the midstream of Jialing River, confronting northern Sichuan, with Ba Mountain to the east and Jianmen to the west, LangzhongAncientCity has a history of over 2300 years.

langzhong-ancient-town langzhong-ancient-town

It is not only China’s famous historic and cultural city, excellent tourist city, a town of Spring Festival culture, but also one of the four well-preserved ancient cities. With the coexistence and harmonious development of diverse cultures within, such as geomantic culture, religious culture, culture of the Three Kingdoms, culture of Spring Festival, this ancient city is reputed by experts as “a model reflecting the harmonious co-melting of diverse cultures”.


The harmonious coexistence of the mountains, waters and the city has been achieved through the site selection and architectural composition for the city. With the patterns of the Tang and Song dynasties and the styles and features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties being well preserved, it is “a treasure house with the collections of Chinese civil constructions” and enjoys the reputation of “a fairy land with geomantic treasures”.


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Langzhong ancient town

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