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Shu Brocade: the Art of Stitching

The Chengdu Shu Brocade and Embroidery Museum, which is adjacent to the Huanhuaxi Park in the west of downtown Chengdu, is a treasure house of gorgeous silk weavings including screens,…

Sichuan Embroidery Introduce

Sichuan embroidery (Shu embroidery) is a general name for the elaborate silk needlework produced in Chengdu and other areas in Sichuan. It has a long history and had already gained…

Famous Shu Brocade

The Shu Brocade is endowed with rich cultural and artistic connotation with a high value of appreciation and collection. As one of the most important intangible cultural heritages in China….

To make the Shu Embroidery

Shu embroidery ranks along with the embroideries of Jiangsu, Hunan and Guangdong. it is one of Chinese four most famous schools of embroidery, and is best known for its elaborate…


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The Bonsai Park introduction 08(the scene)

The Bonsai Park introduction people are learning how to make a plant vase.   after several years,the animals are leaves all around. Know more: Bonsai Park     2-Day Giant…

The Bonsai Park(introduction 07)

The Bonsai Park introduction this bonsai scean is big vase,it’s about 2.5 meters high. bonsai age:4+ bonsai style:plant vase this bonsai scean is big dragon,it’s about 3 meters high. bonsai…

The Bonsai Park(introduction 06)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.bonsai garden06 is elephant,it’s 2.5 meters high.very fit for zoo. bonsai age:4+ bonsai style:elephant animal. No.bonsai garden07 is vase,it’s 2 meters high.very fit for street landscape….

The Bonsai Park(introduction 05)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.bonsai garden05 is a kind of crape myrtle.it’s 3 meters high.like a imperial crown.it’s very fit for garden door. bonsai age:3+ bonsai style:imperial crown No.bonsai garden03 is…

The Bonsai Park(introduction 04)

The Bonsai Park introduction No.28 bonsai is an old tree,it’s like a hill,like a painting.it’s 0.5 meters high. bonsai age:10+ bonsai style:history No.bonsai29 is a kind of pine tree,the trunk is…


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